Carburetor Kit: Yamaha XT250

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Carburetor Kit: Yamaha XT250

Part No: 13544
Price: 349.95

Carburetor Kit: Yamaha XT250 Description
Carburetor Kit: Yamaha XT250
MIKUNI TM33 Carburetor w/ Accelerator Pump
Pre jetted Mikuni TM carb replacement for XT250.
Mounting modification maybe needed.

Mikuni's original flat valve (flat slide) carburetor, the TM Series Carburetors provide significant performance improvements over older design round slide carburetors. Air flows faster and smoother through the TM Series venturi due to the flat slide configuration and the jet blocks will help create a smoothbore effect.

The high velocity of the air flow means a stronger vacuum at the needle jet, providing more precise metering and better throttle response.

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