OPPAMA Pet-4000 Spark Checker

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OPPAMA Pet-4000 Spark Checker

Part No: 14498
Price: 179.95

OPPAMA Pet-4000 Spark Checker Description

OPPAMA Pet-4000 Spark Checker

To use, set the spark plug gap per manual. (between 6mm &7mm). When engine is turned over, spark will jump across the gap. It can also be used to judge performance of running engine by correctly connecting to ignition system.

The PET-4000 ignition checker is extremely useful in the diagnosis on any problem in gasoline engine. The ignition checker has a spark window, which shows presence of "Strong spark", "Weak spark" and "No spark". This allows easy diagnosis of potential problems without removing the magneto from the engine by checking strong or weak spark. The ignition checker can be connected in between spark plug and ignition coil or Ignition coil and ground terminal. This isolates problem between spark plug and ignition coil and pinpoints the problem area. The ignition checker has a spark gap adjusting knob and is provided with cord having plug cap and alligator clip.

Made in Japan.

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