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Manual Petcock Replacement Kits

Keep your pesky old vintage vacuum petcocks from draining fuel into your crankcase! and ruining your crankshaft and connecting rod

Application chart developed so far:

Available in 34, 44, 46, 46 offset, & 50mm bolt spacing, and 20, 22, and 24mm threaded nut styles. Output spigot to face right, left, down, and back while looking at face plate. For use on most models and other manual petcock replacement applications. Includes bolt on chrome OFF/ON/RES manual petcock and all hardware for easy mounting.

Note: This petcock requires a .550 diameter hole. Every application we have seen requires a slight modification to the tank with either a round file, dremel tool etc to take off approximately 1/16" off each side of the original hole for mounting clearance. This modificaiton WILL NOT render an original petcock disfunctional.

Now included but not shown is a Vacuum petcock hose cap. (This will cover the nipple on the head or intake manifold that the vacuum hose for the previous petcock use to come out of.)


Legend: F=Flange, FO=Flange Offset, N=Nut

Brand: Model Qty/Side Mounting Type Bolt Spacing Spigot Direction
Buell F-34mm
All Models 95-up
Harley Davidson
Pre 1975
1975 and up
CB750F 78 1/L N-
CB900F 80-82 20mm Back
CB1100F 83
CBR600 F2/3/4
CBX 79-81
CBX 82
Valkrie All
KZ1000 W Thread on Valve Back
KZ1000 / 1100 W Bolt on Valve F-44mm Back
H-2 750 Triple
ZX9R 98-01 F 34mm
ZX9R 02 F 34mm
KZ1300 F-44mm
GS850G 79 F-44mm  Left
GS750/1000/1100E 79-83 F-44mm or F 50mm
GS1000L 79 F-44mm Back
GS1150E/ES 84-85 F-44mm or F 50mm
GSXR750 86-95 F-44mm
GSXR750 96-98 F-34mm
BANDIT 600/1200 F-34mm
GSXR1100 86-98 FO-44mm
GSXF1100 F-44mm
GSX13R 99-00 F-34mm
ALL 92-99 F-34mm
FZR1000 ALL F-34mm
R1 F-34mm
XJ550Maxim 1/L F-34mm Right
XJ550Seca 1/L F-34mm Back
XJ700X 1/L F-46mm Right
XS650SG 80 1/L F-50mm Back
XS750/850 ALL 2/Both F-46mm Back
XS1100 Std 79 2/Both F-46mm Back
XV500 83 1 F-50mm Left
XV700/750 84-87 1/L F-34mm Left
XV750J/K/L 82-84 2/Both F-34mm Left
XV920RH 81 2/Both F-34mm Left

Remember: We also provide motorcycle carburetor rebuild services, carburetor repair, carb rebuild kits, motorcycle tools, other  OEM and aftermarket motorcycle parts including Petcock.

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Remember: We also provide carburetor restoration services, carburetor repair, carburetor repair kits, motorcycle tools, other OEM and aftermarket motorcycle parts.